Bahrain GP
01-05-2009 @ 17:01 - Submitted by: Grazor

Well done Jenson great driving, and well done to all at Brawn GP. Keep the good work up

Looks like we're in for a great F1 season.

Pimms O'Clock
21-04-2009 @ 16:42 - Submitted by: Grazor

In just over 2 weeks time, I will be cruising round the eastern Med consuming large quantities of Pimms Turbos with good friends Tom, Paul and Algie. If previous cruises are anything to go by it should be great fun .

This year we are on Ocean Village 2 visiting Istanbul, Ephesus, Athens, Rhodes and Crete. Keep an eye out for pics when I return and when I get the photo gallery working .

Page navigation added
21-04-2009 @ 13:32 - Submitted by: Grazor

Page navigation has now been added making it possible to scan through all the fascinating posts that I have put up.

You lucky, lucky people.

Time Stamp Test
20-04-2009 @ 14:57 - Submitted by: Grazor
Testing how times and dates are stored and retrieved.
20-04-2009 @ 14:27 - Submitted by: Grazor

Add support for smilies to my news items

Also added support for some html tags.