Guitar Effects Pedal Board

Over the years I've collected a few guitar effects pedals. I personally prefer these to multi-effects units as they allow me to quickly change my sounds with a tweak of a knob rather than scrolling through endless menus.

But I got fed up of constant cycle of setting up then taking apart that accompanied every gig and practice. So I started looking around at the various pedal boards available. Most of these are competitively priced but I wanted something custom made.

So I decided to go DIY and construct one myself.

First was to decide on a suitable layout. The pedals I use are as follows:

  • Boss Tuner
  • Dunlop Wah-Wah
  • Marshall Gov'nor
  • Boss Chorus
  • Boss Digital Delay
  • -- space for another --
  • I also needed space for my marshall amp footswitch and for the pedal power supply.

    The pedalboard is made up of 3 layers of 5mm plywood. The layout was copied on the top 2 layers of plywood. The holes were cut using a jigsaw (cheers Pete!!!). The holes hold the various pedals roughly in place. The third layer is solid with no cut outs for the base.

    The three layers were then glued and clamped and left for 24hrs whilst the glue cured. I also screwed and glued a block of wood on which to mount the Marshall footswith. This was needed to raise the height of the Marshall footswitch so that it could be accessed over the top of the effects pedals.

    I then primed and painted the pedalboard. Then it was time for assembly. First was to put eight rubber feet onto the base. Next was to drill holes for the cable ties that would hold the patch leads and power cables. I then put velcro on the bottom of the pedals and in the pedal recesses. This allows me to hold the pedals securely but not permanently.

    Here is a pic of the finished pedal board with all my pedals mounted.

    And another with my Washburn N4 and Marshall TSL602.

    I've used the pedal board for a couple of month now and it saves me at least 20 mins of faffing around each time I use it. I would eventually like to make a lid to cover the pedals while in transit and add a carry handle.

    Many thanks to Pete for his help me with the design and construction of this pedal board, top Geeza :)