Nicky's Blog
08-04-2011 @ 10:46 - Submitted by: Grazor

Interested in the 18th century??? Then I have the perfect link for you. My esteemed housemate has recently started a blog where she discusses all aspects of the 18th century. Its a vey interesting read

More Astrophotography
28-02-2011 @ 12:48 - Submitted by: Grazor

This saturday night was the first night we've had clear skies over the weekend since my last attempt at capturing star trails. Although it was warmer than last time I was out for about an hour and a quarter it was still very cold. Armed with my tripod, remote shutter release cable, camera and camping chair I ventured out into the fields near my house and set up looking pretty much due north towards the A34.

I took 184 images over about an hour, this time I also took a dark frame reference pic to try to minimise noise from the camera's CCD. I think I should have bumped up the ISO as I took the pics on ISO200 rather that ISO400, so the image is lacking foreground detail and did not pic up as many stars as I had hoped. Still, the increased number of pics makes the trails much more prominent. As well as the composite image below, I also compiled the images into a star trails movie clip.

Just waiting for the next clear night

star trails taken in Winchester, UK on Sat 26 Feb 2011
Fat Fighters are go.....
18-02-2011 @ 13:34 - Submitted by: Grazor

The FatFighters page is now up and running

This allows users to log in and record their weight loss progress, see their BMI and a purdy chart. You can also allow other users to see your progress. All for FREE. Check out the FatFighters page for details of how to sign up.

28-02-2011 @ 11:13 - Submitted by: Grazor

Having seen the recent BBC Stargazing programmes I though it was aabout time I had a crack at astrophotography.

Armed with my trusty FujiFilm S7000, new tripod and cable release I went to Cheesefoot Head near Winchester and took 32 x 15sec exposure pics over ten minutes.

Back home I ran these through a free app called Startrails and got the following pic, not bad for a first attempt. Would love to do one over an hour or two

Geocache Addiction
28-02-2011 @ 12:55 - Submitted by: Grazor

Pinky and I completed our first two geocaches this weekend, looks like we could be come addicted.......

Nicky finding our first geocache.