Trommel Project
28-12-2016 @ 13:43 - Submitted by: Grazor

I've just added a project page for my Trommel that I built a few years back and never got around to documenting.

Chromecast Audio Speaker
16-03-2016 @ 11:31 - Submitted by: Grazor

I've just added a project page for my Chromecast Audio Speaker that I've been working on over the winter.

It's starting to get interesting now as I've built two prototypes so far, both sound good, for the price.

More to come as I continue testing

Life and Stuff
14-03-2016 @ 12:29 - Submitted by: Grazor

Hi All,

Yet another epoch has passed since my last update. Well as you all know, life has a funny habit of getting in the way and ruining your well laid plans for world domination But seriously, since my last update I've got married lost my father and done a bunch of other stuff in between. So I've had only a little time for tinkering and projects, but I do have a few back burners that are now coming together and will shortly do some updates describing them

Peace Out

Woodwork Projects
31-12-2013 @ 13:30 - Submitted by: Grazor

I've added a new page called Woodworking on which I will detail some of the projects that I've finished and am currently working on. Click the Woodwork link in the left menu to take a peek.

I'm Back...
31-12-2013 @ 13:22 - Submitted by: Grazor

Hi All, Sorry it has been a while, been busy and stuff. Finally got round to fixing the page so that it is working again. Look out for a lots more content showing what has been happening.

It is nice to be back