Life and Stuff
14-03-2016 @ 12:29 - Submitted by: Grazor

Hi All,

Yet another epoch has passed since my last update. Well as you all know, life has a funny habit of getting in the way and ruining your well laid plans for world domination But seriously, since my last update I've got married lost my father and done a bunch of other stuff in between. So I've had only a little time for tinkering and projects, but I do have a few back burners that are now coming together and will shortly do some updates describing them

Peace Out

Woodwork Projects
31-12-2013 @ 13:30 - Submitted by: Grazor

I've added a new page called Woodworking on which I will detail some of the projects that I've finished and am currently working on. Click the Woodwork link in the left menu to take a peek.

I'm Back...
31-12-2013 @ 13:22 - Submitted by: Grazor

Hi All, Sorry it has been a while, been busy and stuff. Finally got round to fixing the page so that it is working again. Look out for a lots more content showing what has been happening.

It is nice to be back

Nicky's Birthday Surprise
12-09-2011 @ 17:04 - Submitted by: Grazor

Here are a few pics from Nicky's surprise birthday trip to Bellagio, Lake Como, Italy

Ireland Holiday
25-07-2011 @ 14:28 - Submitted by: Grazor

Just uploaded pics from my holiday to Ireland with Nicky, Caroline and Ricky. We had a fab time, highlights include kissing the Blarney Stone, visiting the Blasket Islands, having a go at pottery and Sea Kayaking. The locals were so friendly and welcoming, lots of very happy memories.